Local Grains

Established in 2009 as Urban Grains CSA, Cedar Isle Farm Organic Grains CSA provides the Lower Mainland with locally produced grain and flour. The grain crops are all grown and cared for at our family farm in Agassiz, B.C. and all our products are certified organic.

Cedar Isle Farm offers the following types of organic grain available as flour or unmilled kernels (wheat/grain berries):

Hard Red Spring / Winter (Bread) Wheat

Hard Red Wheat has a relatively high gluten content that makes it suitable for making bread. It can also be used in other baking recipes which call for ‘all purpose’ flour.

Soft White Spring (Pastry) Wheat

Soft White Spring Wheat has a lower gluten content, has a lovely flavor and is great for pastries, muffins, cookies and general baking.

Traditional Rye

Rye is prized for use in sourdough breads and classic European recipes.

Hull-less Oats / Hull-less Barley

Cold-Rolled and Steel-Crimped, and as groats and kernels, oats and barley are enjoyed in many ways, oatmeal, risotto, pilaf, granola, and baking

All Cedar Isle Farm products are certified organic by the BCARA

Community Supported Agriculture

Cedar Isle Farm Organic Grains uses the Community Supported Agriculture model.

A group of people pay a membership fee which entitles them to a share of the season’s harvest.

The CSA model

• Supports local small scale farming

• Fosters a strong community/farmer relationship

• Cultivates a dependable, local and sustainable food system.

Share Prices

~ Full Share ~

You will receive
four packages
with your choice of:

~ Half Share ~

You will receive
two packages
with your choice of:

• Hard Red Spring/Winter Wheat

• Soft White Spring Wheat

• Traditional Rye

• Hull-less Barley

• Hull-less Oats

Your choice of kernels, milled flour in 5kg bags,
or rolled and crimped oats in 3.5kg bags

Share Distribution

Members will pick up their share of the harvest in East Vancouver, Richmond (Sweet Digz Farm), Roberts Creek (The Folly Artisan Food Shop), Agassiz — usually mid to late October — that will be announced well in advance.

By becoming a member of our CSA, you join a network of people supporting the small-scale production of certified organic grain right here in the Fraser Valley.

Get Your Local Grains

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CSA shares are announced annually on our mailing list, so sign up to be among the first to know. We’ll also send news from our fields and farmers’ markets.

 Also, at Cedar Isle Farm, we grow crops for sale outside of the CSA including organic straw and hay.

Stay in touch with us by joining our mailing list for future developments.

Where to find us


Vancouver Farmers Markets

The Folly Food Shop
Roberts Creek

Harvest Community Foods

Mt. Pleasant

The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples
Riley Park

Tama Organic Life

West Wood Organics