Grainy goodness from Cowichan Bay

March 23rd, 2010 by Admin


This good news grain story by Justine Hunter appeared in the Globe and Mail recently, hope you enjoy it!

Bruce Stewart earned his spurs in the food industry in the sales department of monolithic Kraft Foods – some might say the original purveyor of fast food.

Today, he is a champion of the slow food movement, running an organic bakery in a seaside village where he can cite the provenance of each type of grain running through his mill… (read full story here)

Update from Cedar Isle: Spring has arrived

March 22nd, 2010 by Admin

Jim on the tractor

Happy Spring Equinox to all! On the farm this means the beginning of spring planting season, and Jim has just plowed under two acres that are destined to grow soft white spring wheat. There are rains predicted for Agassiz, which will delay planting by a few days but should not create any big issues. In the upcoming days the family will be spreading nutrient-rich manure over the fields and then planting the seeds for this fall’s soft wheat crop.

We have a winner!

March 2nd, 2010 by Admin

Congratulations to Sophia Baker-French, survey responder #63, who was randomly chosen as our prize winner. Sophia will receive a 2010 Farm Folk / City Folk membership, as well as a copy of our book.

We’d like to thank everyone who replied (all 113 of you!) for helping us to improve this labour of love.