A wonderful visit to the farm

July 21st, 2009 by Admin

This weekend we had the opportunity to welcome many of the CSA members out at Cedar Isle Farm as we gathered to visit the grain and check on its progress. Everything’s looking great right now – the weather has been favorable for grain this year with all the heat, and plantings which had some rust appear to have stayed healthy despite it.

Super-big thanks to Jim, Diane, Hannah and Simon – who have been a joy to work with on this project – for allowing us to run around at their home for a day.

And thanks to everyone who joined us on Sunday – we had a delightful time and were so happy to meet everyone who came out. Watch out for more posts about the visit in the next few days; for now here’s a summary of the day in photos. (You can click on each one for a larger view.) Enjoy!

2 Responses to “A wonderful visit to the farm”

  1. georgia harker Says:

    Looks like a really great day. You guys have started a very far-reaching thing. Yeah, Urban Grains.

  2. Regina Renke Says:

    What a pity I was not able to make it. Are you going to do this again this summer?