Tyee article features Jim and Chris

December 14th, 2010 by Admin


Jim, Chris and our friend the Clipper grain cleaner were featured in this article, Building up the ‘Grain Chain’, which ran recently in the Tyee. Part farmer profile, part discussion of the role of equipment and infrastructure in local grain production, Colleen Kimmett’s article is part of a Tyee series called “Growing the Local Bounty: Reports from Farmlands in Flux, Ontario and BC” and we’re happy to be mentioned. Other issues covered so far in the series include the face of modern agricultural education, BC’s egg industry and the importance of value added processing to some small farms.

The article begins:

At 90 years old, Clipper is still as active as ever. She’s had a few parts replaced, tuned and added, but she is still the same machine she was nearly a century ago. After sitting idle for several decades, she was on her way to the Chilliwack dump last year when Jim Grieshaber-Otto rescued and refurbished her to use at Cedar Isle, his 94-acre farm in Agassiz….(continued)

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  1. Crazyboys Says:

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