2013 shares available now!

May 24th, 2013 by Cedar Isle Farm

A warm greeting to all our Urban Grains CSA members and friends from Cedar Isle Farm! We hope you have enjoyed a winter and spring of great baking since we were last in touch.

After two uncertain growing seasons, we are pleased to report that this season is looking a lot more promising so far. We seeded both hard red spring wheat and soft white spring wheat in that lovely stretch of warm spring weather and the crops are growing well. So now we are able to offer CSA shares for sale to our existing and new members.

A good catch of hard red spring wheat

Wheat seedlings and Mt. Cheam

The share offer will be very similar to last year. If you would like to be part of our CSA, you register and pay for your share this spring and in the fall you will be able to pick up your share of the harvest from a central location in Vancouver.

Again, we will have two types of wheat available for members. The hard red spring wheat has a higher gluten content and can be used for making bread. We call this wheat “bread wheat” although it can be used in other baking as well. The soft white spring wheat has a lower gluten content and is less suitable for bread making, but has a lovely flavour and is great for pastry and pancakes, muffins, cookies — all your favourite baking recipes. This wheat is commonly called “pastry wheat”.

If you choose to purchase a 20kg share of wheat, it will be packaged in four 5kg bags. Again, you can select either bread wheat, pastry wheat or a combination of both. Also, you can have your wheat milled into whole grain flour or unmilled as kernels so that you can sprout it or mill it at home. Simply indicate on the registration form how you would like to receive your wheat and we’ll do our best to meet your request.

The cost of a share is $95 and to place your order, please download and print this registration form, fill it in and mail it, with your cheque, to:

Urban Grains CSA
Cedar Isle Farm
3270 Chaplin Road,
Agassiz, B.C.
V0M 1A2

Click here to download the registration form

We would like to invite all our 2013 shareholders to visit us at the farm this summer and see the crops in the ground. We’ll set a date for this farm visit as soon as the membership list is up and running but it will likely be in late July. We have so enjoyed seeing our members in the past and look forward to meeting you again this year.

With very best wishes from us all in Urban Grains,

Jim Grieshaber-Otto and Diane Exley at Cedar Isle Farm